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Logan Gogarty June 2, 2023
"What a delightful and amazing experience. They took care of my vehicle like a newborn baby. They pulled it into the garage when it started to rain. They cleaned and bathed her. Then they added amazing products to protect her and talked me through every decision when I was on the fence about a few things. I’d highly recommend them for any service they offer. From tiny to protective paint film and or exoshield to save you from costly windshield replacements. They do it all at an affordable price and with great care and fínese. Thank you!"
Trev C May 27, 2023
"Easy to book online. Great customer service and was done a little earlier than expected. The place I had been going to ritually before has closed down. That place was a little cheaper, but I can already say there is a difference with this tint and the workmanship involved in the installation of it. I got the same percentage I normally get but with this tint(higher quality) I can still see pretty well through it while outside the vehicle it's very dark."
Vincent Leon May 22, 2023
Gabby Dowling May 19, 2023
"Window tint was fast and came out perfect."
Stephanie Linan April 28, 2023
Earlene April 16, 2023
"After taking back possession of my SUV from my ex-husband I thought my SUV would never recover from all the dog hair and dust and smell that was covering and piled up over the entire interior. Yet, Creative Auto did such a great job that the SUV looks like it just came off the showroom floor!! They took out the seats, meticulously cleaned every nook and cranny, steam cleaned the carpets, conditioned the leather and miraculously removed every hair, speck of dust, and dirty dog smell! I went from little hope of recovery to utterly transformed back to just shy of new! My sincere thanks and gratitude to Creative Auto! If you are considering using this outstanding establishment then run, do not walk, to receive exemplary service at reasonable prices!"